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Shared Services

Creating centralised business functions to improve organisational efficiencies and internal customer service

For organisations experiencing strong growth, especially through mergers and acquisitions, shared services can be a vital strategy in ensuring internal efficiencies and cost savings. Creating a shared service structure within your business involves centralising and consolidating the tasks and functions that tend to be non-core in nature and are designed to service internal customers:

Accounting and payroll

HR and recruitment

IT helpdesk and setup

Purchasing and procurement

Stock and inventory management

Sometimes referred to as back office services, business services or support services, Probe CX works with many clients to identify where shared services can be of benefit, and to implement strategies to smoothly transition from a decentralised organisational structure to a centralised structure.

The Higher Quality & Lower Cost Option

Why Shared Services?

Lower costs through consolidation of resources

Higher quality and reliability as a result of focused management

Standardisation of processes leading to efficiencies

Scalability and flexibility to respond to business needs and leverage growth

Improved service for internal customers

Your True Business Partner

We also work in consultation with our clients to identify the best approach to a shared services structure. In some cases, this goes beyond determining the roles of people and looks at streamlining and applying digital intelligent automation where appropriate.

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Let us guide you towards a successful shared services structure that will improve efficiencies and reduce costs.

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