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Offshore Outsourced Staffing Solutions

Helping businesses grow sustainably with the support of offshore outsourcing.

For more than four decades, Probe CX has been helping our clients deliver exceptional customer experiences that have a positive impact on their reputations, objectives and revenue growth. With many businesses facing the hardship of rising labour costs and talent shortages, this extends to connecting them with our professional, qualified staff in the Philippines and India to support their local teams in whatever capacity they require.

Offshore outsourcing allows your business to build dedicated teams without needing to worry about the likes of recruitment, training office facilities, IT, recruitment, HR and payroll. Probe CX handle all those issues on your behalf, meaning you can simply focus on managing the team and their work. Our modern integration of technology ensures you can work and communicate seamlessly and efficiently with your offshore team members.

Probe CX is the perfect partner for establishing an offshore team in the Philippines that are fully committed to supporting your business, allowing onshore colleagues to focus on the core tasks and strategic priorities that separate good organisations from great ones.

Why Outsource Offshore

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Reduce Costs

Outsourcing tasks to offshore destinations can save much-needed money to be invested in other areas of your operation. With the cost of living in the Philippines much lower than in Western countries, there is the potential to save up to 70% on labour and operating costs such as office fit-outs, technology and infrastructure. Staffing is one of the largest expenses for most businesses and an offshore solution is the quickest way to positively impact your bottom line and redirect savings to areas that deliver greater returns such as research, marketing and increased production.

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Improve Quality and Efficiencies

Outsourcing allows you to allocate time-consuming and repetitive tasks to offshore employees instead of your onshore teams. This not only allows local staff to focus on more valuable and rewarding work but taps into a pool of offshore talent who appreciate the opportunity to work with quality organisations. Offshoring also delivers long-term benefits by helping increase efficiencies and job satisfaction for staff, along with enhancing customer satisfaction by improving interactions, increasing availability and providing customers with access to expert and enthusiastic support.

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Flexible Scalability

Sudden or seasonal spikes in customer demand can create major headaches, with many businesses ill-equipped to quickly recruit new employees to leverage growth opportunities. This is where offshore staffing solutions come into their own. Outsourced teams can be established in as little as six to eight weeks and we also make it easier for you to scale down your offshore operations as there is no need to worry about factors such as unused office space and IT assets.

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The Philippines Factor

The Philippines has earned a reputation as one of the world’s best offshoring destinations and the financial rewards that come with saving up to 70% on labour costs is just the beginning. The nation is the third-largest English-speaking country in the world and all Filipinos not only learn the language at school, but learn to speak it extremely well. The Philippines boasts a 97.5% literacy rate, with more than 680,000 people graduating from university each year and feeding into an outsourcing talent pool that includes the likes of accountants, customer service reps and engineers and can fill roles from junior positions to senior and executive levels. Filipinos are also renowned for loyalty, honesty and holding themselves accountable to their onshore employers.

How Offshoring Outsourcing Works

Probe CX offers full-service offshore staffing solutions, which means everything we do in Australia can be delivered by staff and teams in the Philippines. With full visibility and control, it’s still your team but without the worries of facilities, operations and regulations.

STEP 1 Collaboration

Before signing up for an offshore staffing solution, it is essential to consider whether you are ready to roll one out. From access to cloud-based tools and clearly documented internal processes to programs and platforms suitable for a remote work setting, we discuss your current situation and provide advice to help ensure you are ready to get started. One of our business development managers will then dive deeper into your requirements and customise an offshore staffing solution to suit your individual needs. This will include job descriptions that cover the likes of daily tasks, KPIs, previous experience and hours of work to be performed, which will in turn inspire offshore candidate profiles that are used to develop a transparent and fully itemised cost proposal for your consideration.

STEP 2 Recruitment

It is now time to write the specific job descriptions that will guide us in recruiting the right people for your offshore roles. After analysing your requirements, we provide feedback to ensure we attract the best Filipino talent and then start tapping into our extensive talent pools of local candidates to compile a shortlist of potential recruits that suit your needs, company culture and team dynamics. You have the option of screening and interviewing your candidates and once they are onboard, we look after all infrastructure requirements, software licences and security controls so they are ready to hit the ground running on day one. All in all, your new team can be ready to go in as little as six weeks from engaging us.

STEP 3Support

We have discussed your needs and recruited your offshore team. Now it’s time to start delivering the client support we are renowned for. This includes facilitating your recruits’ initial onboarding and training, not to mention assisting with the assigning of tasks and management of workloads. You can oversee as much of your offshore team’s productivity and quality control as you wish, with our team leaders overseeing the likes of IT deployment and support, KPI development and performance management, employee engagement, Philippines-specific legal and compliance management and ongoing recruitment, HR, payroll, facilities and IT support. In other words, we take care of everything on the ground to ensure you can focus on the bigger picture of growing your business.

Areas of Probe CX Offshore Outsourcing


  • Meeting your customers where, when and how they like to interact with you.
  • Providing the same great customer experience across multiple channels.
  • Offering a range of communication platforms, customised to suit your needs.
  • Voice, email, messaging, social media, webchat, automation, AI.

Actionable Insights

  • Going beyond fulfilment to provide insight, analysis and action.
  • Utilising leading-edge analytics and brilliant minds to review and analyse customer interactions.
  • Articulating the voice of the customer into meaningful actions that impact your bottom line.
  • Collaboratively innovating with our clients, people and partners to deliver results.

Employee Experience

  • Understanding that happy and engaged employees deliver exceptional customer service.
  • Finding the right people who take pride in ensuring positive customer experiences.
  • Equipping employees with the knowledge, training and resources to excel.
  • Supporting staff with excellence in leadership and technology.
  • Empowering curiosity and innovation.

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