Knowledge Management

Empowering people with information

The only thing more important than a business acquiring knowledge is having the ability to share it with the people who matter most.

From employees on the frontline to customers searching for answers, it is essential to implement a knowledge management system that acts as a single source of truth and is easily accessible. Probe CX is highly experienced at developing and deploying automated systems that capture all the information within an organisation, break down restrictive silos and help achieve the goal of better employee and customer experiences.

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If you were to ask your employees to describe their dream knowledge management system, we know what they would say.

They would want access to all your organisation’s knowledge anywhere, anytime. They would want to find more answers in less time, especially when they know a customer is waiting for accurate and consistent information. They would want to be able to not only tap into an internal knowledge base but seamlessly upload their own knowledge. They would want the system to help new employees onboard faster and ensure the knowledge of fellow employees is captured before they walk out the door.

It's not a lot to ask and with Probe CX’s leading technology and first-class support, it’s not difficult to deliver.

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THE what

No two businesses are the same and that’s why Probe CX prides itself on implementing effective knowledge management systems that are unique to your business.

We start by conducting a knowledge management analysis; essentially a deep dive into your current situation that allows us to identify the best path forward. Along with optimising existing technology, we complement it with leading alternatives to create a platform design that is both attractive and highly functional. We also take care of all technology licensing before dedicating our best people to audit, create, curate and migrate content to your new knowledge management system. That is just the beginning as our commitment also extends to analytics and reporting, along with managed services for businesses that choose that option.

It's all about farewelling knowledge silos and saying hello to happier employees and customers.

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The How

Our contact centre capabilities are complemented by an extensive suite of solutions that encompass the best in Technology and Strategy, not to mention the option of choosing a location that works best for your needs.

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The Who

Probe CX is a leader in the knowledge management game because we practise what we preach. For more than 40 years, we have not only been creating exceptional customer experience solutions for our clients but developing our own internal processes that have consistently led the industry.

With game-changing teams and technology across Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, the United States and India, we have the capacity, capability and passion to help like-minded organisations implement the systems they need to stand out from the crowd in their own fields.

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