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IVR & NLP Technology

Introducing Oration. The next generation in contact centre call routing solutions, utilising artificial intelligent technology.

In any business, there are customers who experience frustrations during the journey to achieving what they need - whether it’s completing a purchase transaction or getting a problem solved. And in many cases, an antiquated IVR system can be one of the root causes of this frustration. Probe CX works with clients throughout the world to implement an artificially intelligent solution that works in conjunction with the client’s current system. We’re focused on reducing your customer’s pain points and improving your contact centre efficiency.






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Turning Customer Problems Into Solutions

Introducing Oration

The Why

Who Are You?

Automating Intelligent Conversations

Latest Speech Recognition Technology

Imagine a system that asks your customers “how can I help you today?” and then understands what they say and can direct their call to the best resource to fulfil their needs.

Drawing on the latest speech recognition technology as well as artificial intelligence and a supervised learning environment, Oration replaces (or works with) your current IVR menu to provide a seamless contact centre experience for your customer. As a cloud-based solution, it plugs directly into your contact centre platform and will be up and running, typically, in just a couple of days. With no technical knowledge or expertise required, you can configure and manage every aspect of the customer experience from a digital interface that’s designed specifically for your business and the customers you serve.

Instead of your customer selecting from a set menu or putting their query into just a few short words, this system allows them to talk as if they would to a real person. Not only will it understand their intention, it will also route their call to the most appropriate resource to handle their query - either a trained agent or a digital self-serve solution. 

human-led intelligent solutions

AI-Powered Oration Contact Centre Conversations

Advanced Speech

  • Utilises the latest technology including Google and Amazon to apply an intent to every call
  • Allows supervision of the system’s learning process and adjustments to its behaviour
  • Automates conversations to improve the efficiency of your contact centre and your customer’s experience

Complex Call Routing

  • Handles huge volumes of calls and call routing options
  • Allows for further education or information requests of the customer during the call journey
  • Deflects calls that don’t require agent intervention to standard on-the-fly messages, digital chat or self service options

Ease of Use

  • Features a graphical user interface dashboard where you can build, manage and report on your contact centre operations
  • Transcribes the conversation and displays it to your contact centre agent, preparing them for the call ahead
  • Plugs directly into your current contact centre platform as a SaaS solution

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Oration will:

  • Reduce average handling times
  • Increase uptake to self service
  • Provide targeted banners
  • Facilitate a digital channel shift
  • Improve agent and customer engagement
  • Support speed to competency.

Oration has changed the way you’ll do business and reimagined the AI powered contact centre.

Plus, it is affordable for all contact centre sizes.

Oration Case Studies

Our Solutions At Work

Case Study 1 - Large Government Department

Case Study 2 - Large Banking Institution

Case Study 3 - Large Government Department

Case Study 4 - Government Assistance Line

Case Study 5 - Large eCommerce Business

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Enabling better conversations - make every word count. A solution that utilises artificial intelligence to automate conversations and improve both your customer’s experience and the efficiency of your contact centre. Find out more.

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Cost effective, quick to install and easy to use

Next Generation Contact Centre Call Routing

Oration is ideal for contact centres of all sizes from as small as 5 seats through to major banks and government institutions. And with a transaction based pricing model, it’s a cost effective alternative to expensive bespoke AI solutions. 
Cost effective, quick to install and easy to use, we’ll help you better manage the conversations in your contact centre operations, for the benefit of both your customers and your organisation.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is natural language IVR?

Natural Language Intelligent Voice Recognition (IVR) - also known as Conversational IVR - is technology that allows for automated speech recognition to capture vocal intent. In other words, if someone calls a contact centre, their query can be captured and directed to the right department or deflected to a low-cost channel without human interaction.

What is conversational IVR?

Conversational Intelligent Voice Recognition (IVR) is another name for Natural Language IVR, which is the technology that captures caller intent and records it to a sytem where it can be diverted and processes by the correct department.

What is the benefit of NLP in IVR?

The benefit of Natural Language Processesing (NLP) in Intelligent Voice Recognition (IVR) is the superior ability to capture intent in natural speech, making the system more efficient as it processes real-life calls, or other voice interactions.

How do you integrate IVR?

Integrating Intelligent Voice Recognition (IVR) can be simple, depending on the software. IVR design best practices explains how IVR design is central to CX and provides IVR design best practice tips.

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