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Top-rate reports and footage obtained ethically and sensitively

Probe is one of Australia’s most experienced and ethical surveillance companies, with a hard-earned reputation for using contemporary techniques that deliver successful outcomes and the highest quality footage for our clients. With a team of licensed investigators who collectively boast decades of experience, our commitment to lawful surveillance provides confidence that you are not at risk of legal issues and any evidence produced can be used in court as needed.

As the surveillance company of choice for many well-known law firms and corporations, we approach each case with sensitivity and a well-considered plan to minimise costs while maximising the likelihood of gathering the evidence our clients need. Every surveillance matter results in a comprehensive written report with supporting footage, which is obtained using cutting-edge video and photographic equipment and sourced within legislative and privacy guidelines.

How We Can Help

  • Single-day surveillance
  • Multi-week surveillance
  • Varying times during the day
  • Highly built-up areas
  • Rural or isolated areas
  • Single or multiple operatives
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Let us help you recover assets and debt through personalised strategies that deliver results without unnecessary risks.

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