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Circumstance & Factual Reports

If you need to gather sensitive information, you need to contact Probe

Our investigation operatives are experts at delivering circumstance and factual reports that strictly abide with quality and compliance requirements. They are highly skilled at obtaining information through interviews, sometimes requiring the collection of written statements, and may conduct their work in conjunction with a surveillance operation.

Accuracy and quality is at the heart of everything we do and, where necessary, photographic or video evidence is obtained for presentation to legal representatives or, as needed, courtroom juries.

What We Do

WorkCover Compensation

  • Mental injury
  • Physical injury
  • Bullying and harassment
  • Pending investigations
  • Common law proceedings
  • Recovery claims proceedings


  • Bullying and harassment

Factual Investigation – General Insurance

  • External investigation services
  • Property/material Damage
  • Common law claims
  • Recovery claims
  • Indemnity review
  • Financial loss
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