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Intelligent Automation

Pioneering innovative technology by creating human-led intelligent solutions with a focus on real customer problems.

With an AI first mindset, we create human-led intelligent technology solutions for our partners. From automation to augmentation, our designs are focused on your customer and employee experience.  

Addressing real customer problems, our technology solutions are underpinned by analytics, design thinking and an agile mindset to inform the problem that needs to be solved, as well as the way in which we go about solving it.  

Our goal is to do the technological exploration you require, allowing you to access best-in-breed solutions and CX-anchored thinking to help you shape your relationship with customers in the digital world.

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human-led intelligent solutions

What Can We Do With Intelligent Automation?

AI Assisted Customer

Customers are increasingly looking for self-serve options in digital channels, whether they have a transactional relationship with you or a life-long loyal entanglement, they still want it to be easy and always available.

Through rich analytics, we dig deep into data to understand customers, pre-empt their next action, and give businesses the understanding about what customers really need.

Our goal is to uncover the things customers want to do themselves, and build right-sized experiences with virtual agents, natural language voice support, and predictive proactive engagement that puts the customer in the pilot's seat.

AI Assisted Employee

Our people are still our most valuable asset, and our goal is to augment their roles so that technology takes out the noise and lets them make the most of their human skills. Whether it's supporting customers with sensitive, complex or high-empathy engagements, or training bots to handle new exceptions or processing, it's all about blending the best of people and technology.

Assisting agents with prompted next-best actions, offering real time sentiment support and coaching, using VR to supercharge training and coaching, we're bringing employee experience science fiction to life.

Intelligent Process Automation

The purpose of intelligent process automation is to take away processes that are too structured to justify spending human time on them, or too risky to leave human error in the mix. Accessing the speed and accuracy of robots for these processes ensures quality, and frees your employees to manage the complex tasks that drive benefits for your business, your employees and your customers.

Where processes exist, intelligent automation can follow. Our team of automation specialists thrive on hunting down processes where bots are simply better.

Intelligent Outreach

Bringing together the strength of humans and tech, we’re now using AI to help us connect with customers at scale through our Intelligent Outreach solution. 


Staying connected to customers is one of the most important and challenging priorities for organisations around the world. Low cost automation expands your reach, but how do you balance it with what you lose in human sentiment and natural connection? Now you don’t have to choose. 


Our solution weaves together over two decades’ of customer experience management with truly clever AI. Playing to the strengths of both humans and AI, we’ve created a seamless and powerful partnership. 


Our AI uses patented semantic understanding to do more than just transcribe what customers say – it understands how they’re feeling, allowing us to create pathways that provide human support when it’s most needed. 

Every solution allows customers to engage in their own natural language, so while they know they’re speaking to a robot, they don’t need to act like one too.  Backed by Probe CX’s award winning CX professionals and processes, we balance cost efficiency and human contact for you. 


The Intelligent Outreach solution uses AI to complete natural language conversations with customers on scale with super-human concurrency, supported by human escalation processes that engage at critical or sensitive moments.

complete natural language conversations with customers at scale

Intelligent Outreach Solutions

Contact Tracing

Contact Tracing programs have highly variable contact volumes from day to day, and this is combined with the complicated requirements of checking compliance and acting as a bridge to support.

The Intelligent Outreach bot completes all the information gathering – following your scripted questions to identify compliance, support needs, and trends – and doesn’t mind how many people need to be contacted. Our clever bot is also listening to the sentiment of the customer, to identify signs of concern that can be escalated to a human to intervene.

Customer Survey

Understanding how your customers feel about your brand or a recent interaction is important – and sometimes those feelings don’t translate to a neat 0-10 score.

An Intelligent Outreach survey can capture your preferred CX metric, while also letting the customer tell you in their own words just how they’re feeling, while retaining and analysing their true sentiment.

Early Collections

Nobody likes getting collections calls; it can be embarrassing or stressful, even if the payment is a genuine oversight. Interactions with bots take away this embarrassment, while still giving your business the chance to keep your customer on the right payment behaviour path.

The Intelligent Outreach bot calls customers to check if and when their payment will be made, and listens for signs of anxiety around the payment conversation. Early indicators of financial hardship or stress are sent to human collections specialists to make contact and support the customer.

Helping you apply technologically advanced solutions

Your Intelligent Automation Partner

As leaders in the AI sector, Probe CX can assist you in applying technologically advanced solutions to traditional customer service needs and issues. And where we really excel for you, is in knowing where and when to introduce human contact to the equation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between RPA and intelligent automation?

Automation technology encompasses many different processes and types of technology. Intelligent automation is a term referring to different types of AI technologies like natural language processing and machine learning. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) on the other hand focuses primarily on repetitive and rules-based processes.

Why is intelligent automation so important?

Intelligent Automation (IA) provides the opportunity to make processes much more efficient. IA such as automated workflows help to save time and money, even in highly complex structures. This is why IA is used across many industries, from eCommerce to high-growth technology.

How does intelligent automation work?

Intelligent Automation (IA) refers to the automation of tasks and processes that traditionally have been manual. Automating tasks eliminates human error and saves time and money that can be diverted into other areas of the business.

What are the benefits of IA?

Intelligent Automation (IA) creates an opportunity for businesses across industries to set up streamlined, consistent processes. IA can help optimise processes throughout the business.

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