Intelligent Automation

Innovative solutions for real customer problems

It is no longer acceptable to say ‘near enough is good enough’ when it comes to customer service.

The modern consumer wants engagement on their terms, at times of the day and night when it best suits them and that is why our human-led intelligent technology solutions are winning favour with our clients and their customers. From automation to augmentation, we harness an AI-first mindset underpinned by analytics, design thinking and an agile mindset to help you shape a better relationship with your customers in the digital world.

Intelligent Automation

The Why

Do you want to enable 24/7 availability across all channels? Do you want to reduce costs while improving first-call resolution and average handling time (AHT)? Do you yearn for a contact centre environment that provides first-class customer self-service and agent intervention for more complex interactions? Probe CX’s intelligent automation and AI solutions are the answer.

Addressing real customer problems, our best-in-breed solutions and CX-anchored thinking offer a cost-effective means to improve operations by leveraging automation technology, machine learning and AI bots. It is all about optimising customer and employee experiences via modern tools that were once the stuff of fantasy but are now helping make exceptional CX an everyday reality.

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The What

When potential clients ask our expert staff what they can achieve with intelligent automation, the simple answer is - the opportunities are endless. With so many options on the table, it’s often a case of needing to identify how many, not which one of our human-led intelligent solutions they want to embrace.

ai assisted customer-icon

AI-Assisted Customer

  • Provide self-serve options in digital channels that are easy and always available
  • Use rich analytics to dig deep into customer data, pre-empt their next actions and gain an understanding of what they really need
  • Put customers in the pilot’s seat by uncovering what they want to do for themselves and building right-sized experiences with virtual agents, natural language voice support and predictive proactive engagement.
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AI-Assisted Employee

  • Augment the roles of your most valuable asset by using technology to take out the noise and let them make the most of their human skills
  • Blend the best of people and technology to train bots to handle new exceptions or processing, or support customers with sensitive, complex or high empathy engagements
  • Assist agents with prompted next-best actions, offer real-time sentiment support and coaching or use virtual reality to supercharge training and coaching.

Intelligent Process Automation

  • Remove processes that are too structured to justify spending human time on or too susceptible to human error
  • Use the speed and accuracy of robots to improve quality and allow employees more time to manage complex tasks that better benefit their business, colleagues and customers
  • Be assured that where processes exist, intelligent automation can follow and Probe CX’s specialists can hunt down areas where bots are simply better.

The Who

It is one thing to be able to assist in applying technologically advanced solutions to traditional customer service needs and issues. It is another to know exactly where and when to introduce human contact to the equation. That is where Probe CX shines.

As a leader in the AI sector, we have extensive experience in developing and deploying bots to support customers across industries, reinventing contact centres using virtual agents and getting the perfect balance between humans and automation to enhance customer experience.

Your intelligent automation ambitions will amount to nothing without an intelligent partner leading the way.

The When

There’s no time like the present …

Let’s work together to achieve better CX