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Field Calls

Sourcing information so our clients can make informed decisions about their customers.

Before our clients take action in relation to a customer, they need to know as much about their circumstances as possible and that’s where Probe leads the way. Our Field Calls division is a market leader through its ability to assess an individual’s circumstances and financial position, and provide our clients with accurate, current data and valuable insights.

Field calls are tailored to our clients’ needs, with customised information packs communicated in the field and the ability to customise reporting to individual specifications. Face-to-face solutions are also available, along with detailed reporting and photographic submissions obtained in the field.

How We Can Help

  • Pre-Disconnection
  • Hardship
  • ‘We’re here to help’
  • Debt Collection
  • Unknown Occupants
  • Occupancy Checks
  • Life Support
  • Supervision of Network Disconnections
  • Investigative
  • Skip Tracing

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Let us help you choose the best course of action by developing a clear and accurate picture of your customers’ individual circumstances and financial situations.

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