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Field Services

Helping our clients achieve more with less effort and risk by bringing together highly qualified people, proven processes and the best technology.

As Australia’s largest field services resource, Probe has been the excellence benchmark in the Field Services business for more than 40 years. With the best coverage of remote areas and trusted partnerships with more than 220 field agents, companies turn to our team of experts when they want their mortgage recoveries, process serving, asset repossessions and field calls handled professionally, empathetically and successfully.

The Power of People

The work we do requires a unique set of skills and that’s why we invest heavily in ensuring we have the right people doing it. Our network of field agents is the largest in the country and consists of highly qualified members who are licensed by the states in which they operate and constantly refresh their compliance needs and other essential training. Crucially, they are passionate about delivering the best outcomes for all their stakeholders. We treat our field agents as partners, working side by side to achieve success. We select them carefully, train them well and provide them with access to the best technology. In return, they deliver for our clients time and time again.

Our Services

From household names to small-scale operators, we have spent four decades helping organisations across a range of industries with their field services needs. Leading banks, energy providers and telcos are among the institutions that have benefited from our ability to tailor services to individual cases and their specific challenges.

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Let us help you achieve more with less effort and risk by utilising the knowledge and experience of Australia’s largest field services resource.

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