Customer Management and CX

Grow your brand through exceptional CX

Think of the last time you enjoyed an awesome customer ‘moment’

You know what we mean – a transaction went seamlessly, an issue was resolved quickly and a salesperson left you beaming from ear to ear. Such moments do not happen by chance. They are the result of innovative planning, cutting-edge technology, exceptional people and an iron-clad commitment by businesses to do whatever it takes to deliver for their customers. It’s called the art of Customer Management and CX and it’s what Probe CX can help you create.

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Nothing is more crucial to the success of a business than its customers. Happy customers return. Happy customers make referrals. Happy customers do not get wooed by your competitors. And the key to nurturing happy customers? Investing in a top-shelf customer management and CX strategy.

Whether you’re growing or consolidating, in sales or service, it is essential to focus on what is needed to deliver quality results across every stage of the customer lifecycle. We work with clients to better understand the wants, needs and aspirations of their customers and turn them into strategies that result in experiences that keep them coming back for more.

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THE what

Your success drives everything we do at Probe CX.

We want to help our clients deliver best-in-class customer experiences by combining exceptional people and best-in-market technology because we believe that happy, engaged employees with the best digital tools are the secret to business success.

It’s all about developing and deploying tailored process solutions that are both innovative and practical, with our customer management and CX expertise extending across several areas.

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Customer Experience

  • Meeting your customers where, when and how they interact with you
  • Providing the same great customer experience across multiple channels
  • Offering a range of communication platforms, customised to suit your needs
  • Voice, email, messaging, social media, webchat, automation and AI

Actionable Insights

  • Going beyond fulfilment to provide insight, analysis and action
  • Utilising leading-edge analytics and brilliant minds to review and analyse customer interactions
  • Articulating the voice of the customer into meaningful actions that impact your bottom line
  • Collaboratively innovating with our clients, people and partners to deliver results

Employee Experience

  • Understanding that happy and engaged employees deliver exceptional service
  • Finding the right people who take pride in ensuring positive customer experiences
  • Equipping employees with the knowledge, training and resources to excel
  • Supporting staff with excellence in leadership and technology
  • Empowering curiosity and innovation

The How

Our contact centre capabilities are complemented by an extensive suite of solutions that encompass the best in Technology and Strategy, not to mention the option of choosing a location that works best for your needs.

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The Who

We’re proud of our beginnings as a provider of outsourced contact centre services but we’re even prouder of our evolution to become one of the country’s leading customer experience management organisations.

Bringing together the power of great people and clever technology across Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, the United States and India, Probe CX crafts customer experience solutions that deliver exceptional outcomes for our clients. The way we see it, talented people supported by high-calibre leaders and the latest digital technologies are the clearest route to growing your brand.

Every great customer experience starts with a conversation and we’re ready to start one with you about your CX ambitions.

The When

There’s no time like the present …

Let’s work together to achieve better CX