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Credit management solutions delivering success through human connection and conversations.

Considered the performance benchmark in the collections industry, Probe has over 40 years experience and offers services that range from simple collections through to a comprehensive series of mercantile services. We look after every facet of your collections cycle and this control enhances our ability to maximise recoveries and mitigate costs. 

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Our People Are The Difference

We believe that people are the essential difference between traditional and next generation solutions. They make a vital contribution in the process of collecting outstanding debt and managing debt recovery.

Your customers need an agent who understands their situation and speaks to them in a tone that’s reassuring and empathetic. Success in collections for your organisation lies in the conversations and exchanges between agent and customer. Probe understands how to find the right people for this kind of work and how to equip them with the skills they need to perform well. 

Trusted by Australia’s biggest brands across a variety of industry sectors

Our Services

Trusted by Australia’s biggest brands across a variety of industry sectors, we work with big business, banks, utilities and other large institutions, tailoring our collection services to suit specific needs and challenges. Our solutions include automated digital processes combined with exceptional human resources to achieve results for your organisation.


  • Reminders via phone, SMS, IVR, email and mail
  • Roll rate management
  • Bulk data matching
  • Hardship assessment
  • Inbound/outbound

Credit Management

  • Telephone demands
  • Reminders via SMS, IVR and email 
  • Demand letters and solicitor letters
  • High value portfolio collections
  • Skip tracing
  •  Collection of active overdrawn accounts
  • Management of payment arrangements on written off loans and credit cards
  • Debt settlements
  • Field services
  • Investigations



  • Preparation and lodgement of relevant court documents
  • Statutory demand (for a company)


  • Bankruptcy
  • Winding up
  • Oral examination
  • Attachment of earnings
  • Seizure and sale / writ of execution


  • Operational reviews
  • Strategic reviews

exceeding industry quality assurance standards and renowned for our ethical approach

Early Collections with Intelligent Automation

Collection calls are understandably embarrassing and stressful for your customers, however we have had great success in introducing Intelligent Outreach bot calls to replace human to human contact in the early collections phase of debt recovery. The calls reduce embarrassment for your customer while still giving your business the chance to ensure your customer is on the right payment behaviour path. 


The bot calls to check with you customer about if and when payment will be made and then listens for signs of anxiety around the payment conversation. If there are early indicators of financial hardship or stress, these customers are passed on to human collections specialists to make contact and support the customer.  Learn more.

Probe specialises in complete end-to-end credit management and collections solutions that are tailored to your organisation’s needs; and we undertake simple and complex processes. We’re also fully committed to meeting and exceeding industry quality assurance standards and renowned for our ethical and compliant approach to collections management. 

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