Credit and Collections

Committed to getting your debt paid quickly

When it comes to frustrations in business, bad debts are high on the list.
When are they going to pay? Are they going to pay?
What will you do if they don’t pay?

For more than 40 years, Probe CX has helped remove such worries for countless organisations by doing what we do best – maximising recoveries and mitigating costs. From simple collections to comprehensive mercantile services, our experts know what works best to turn bad debts into money in your bank.

Credit & Collections

The Why

There’s no denying it – chasing money from customers can be a nightmare for businesses of all sizes.

From the emotional stress of raising the subject to the energy spent writing letters, sending texts and making calls; debt recovery is often a drawn-out process that requires time and energy that could be better spent elsewhere. That’s why many of Australia’s biggest brands turn to Probe CX to tailor our unique collection services to suit their specific needs and challenges.

Seeing us step into the conversation also shows people with overdue bills that there has been a clear escalation in proceedings, which tends to have an immediate effect on their motivation to pay.

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The What

Big business, leading banks and well-known utilities are just a few of the institutions across various industries that love what we do.

Our solutions include automated digital processes that combine with exceptional human resources to achieve results for your business. We firmly believe that people are the essential difference between traditional and next-generation solutions, with our knowledgeable and experienced staff, trained in dealing with difficult situations; passionate about collecting outstanding debt and managing debt recovery.

As a leader in digital adoption, Probe CX has also had great success in introducing Intelligent Automation in the early collections of debt recovery. We know collection calls can be embarrassing and stressful for your customers and our technology eases such anxieties while ensuring they remain on the right payment behaviour path.

  • Reminders via phone, SMS, IVR, email and mail
  • Roll rate management
  • Bulk data matching
  • Hardship assessment
  • Inbound/outbound
  • Telephone demands
  • Reminders via SMS, IVR and email
  • Demand letters and solicitor letters
  • High value portfolio collections
  • Skip tracing
  • Collection of active overdrawn accounts
  • Management of payment arrangements on written off loans and credit cards
  • Debt settlements
  • Field services
  • Investigations


  • Preparation and lodgement of relevant court documents
  • Statutory demand (for a company)


  • Bankruptcy
  • Winding up
  • Oral examination
  • Attachment of earnings
  • Seizure and sale / writ of execution
  • Operational reviews
  • Strategic reviews

The How

Our contact centre capabilities are complemented by an extensive suite of solutions that encompass the best in Technology and Strategy, not to mention the option of choosing a location that works best for your needs.

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The Who

Probe CX has earned a reputation as the performance benchmark in the collections industry by staying true to three core values – Purpose, People and Passion.

Our purpose is to help our clients engage with their customers. Our people are recruited because they ‘want to do’ and ‘can do’. Our unique passion culture is what drives our team members to search for ideas that help us deliver on our promise that ‘we’ll do it better’. Put those three factors together and you have a winning combination for delivering debt recovery success.

We know looking after every facet of a collections cycle can be draining, which is why we have spent more than 40 years developing the right processes, recruiting the best people and implementing the latest technology to allow you to dedicate your energies elsewhere.

The When

There’s no time like the present …

Let’s work together to achieve better CX