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Contact Centre

Growth or consolidation, sales or service, personalised or automated, we enable award-winning customer experience across every industry at every stage

As companies strive for better brand engagement and customer experience, the role of the contact centre has never been a more critical component of success. Probe CX offers multi-country solutions across Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, the United States and India, and the ability to deliver efficiently, engaged, omnichannel contact centre solutions to a broad range of clients. 

Named Australia Customer Experience Outsourcing Services Provider of the Year an unprecedented 10 times at the prestigious Frost & Sullivan Best Practice Awards, further cements our position as the Asia Pacific leader in delivering innovation and excellence.

Our tech-enabled, empowered and engaged workforce delivers global customer contact solutions servicing 21 countries, seamlessly and reliably. For more than four decades, the combination of technology, people and our passion culture has driven us to deliver best-in-class contact centre environments, leading the way when it comes to continuous improvement, innovation and insights.

Just as you are passionate about your customers, we are passionate about ensuring they enjoy quality experiences whenever they connect with you.

Who Do We Serve

Probe CX’s track record of serving high-profile brands across multiple industries is without peer. From clients in the telecommunications, utility, education and government sectors to household names in health, finance, retail and travel, we support customers at all points of their lifecycle and in all mediums. Servicing more than 90 clients with customers in 21 countries, Probe CX brings a depth of knowledge and experience that will improve the way you do business.

How We Deliver

In today’s world, successful interactions between customers and agents require an innovative, sophisticated mix of smart technology. Our unique approach creates partnerships between our people and technology in order to provide a seamless experience to your customers. We provide a Centre of Excellence structure, driving best-practice operational delivery and promote ideas from the frontline to create continuous improvement in customer engagement with your customers.

  • Customer Care
  • Billing
  • Back of House
  • Correspondence Email
  • Helpdesk
  • Web Chat
  • Social Media Management
  • Collections
  • Outbound Sales
  • Win/Back Transfers
  • Retention Campaigns
  • Cross Sell
  • Upsell Cold Calling Outbound Sales
  • Account Management

Changes in customer expectations are driving companies to push beyond the CX philosophy and organise their whole business around the delivery of exceptional experiences. Probe CX’s Next Generation CX enables you to combine class-leading technology with passionate people to solve your customers’ needs.

With 32 service delivery centres strategically located across five countries and four Australian states, we have the scale and diversity to provide a solution for your business. Our extensive experience also allows us to provide actionable insights to clients, including early adopters of new technology and how their preferred channels of engagement will continue to change and evolve.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a contact centre do?

A contact centre is as the name suggests a point of contact between the customer and a client. The contact centre handles everything from technical support to customer service related enquiries, and many other duties as required by the client.

What is the difference between a call centre and a contact centre?

A call centre is similar to a contact centre (you could consider a call centre a function of a contact centre) but only services inbound and outbound calls.

What are the different types of contact centres?

Contact centres can have a variety of functions. Some handle only inbound calls, some only outbound. Many modern contact centres are now omni-channel, which means they handle enquiries and support in different mediums, ranging from online chats to phone calls.

Why is the contact centre so important?

A contact centre is the primary point of contact between a business or brand and their customers, which is why it's crucial customers feel listened to and understood, and have their issues or questions resolved quickly. A contact centre is important as it's an opportunity for a business to interact with its customers and have a positive, lasting impact.

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