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Bringing together award-winning customer management experience, leading-edge technology and unrivalled industry experience.

Our consulting team is dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that truly make a difference to your business. As leading practitioners, we’re skilled in driving operational performance, customer strategies and optimal customer outcomes across multiple industries and service types.  

We know from firsthand experience that one size does not fit all. So whether we’re guiding you in a strategic program of work, a performance management framework or process improvements, we take a multidisciplinary approach to ensure we cover every angle. We work in collaboration with your team to gain a deep understanding of your business and the challenges you face in order to provide solutions that are tailored to your needs.  

From developing your strategy, optimising your processes, assisting you on the transformation journey and ensuring an ongoing delivery of service, we have experts who can help you implement transformative solutions that deliver on your strategic drivers and manage the change program needed to make it a reality.

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a multidisciplinary approach to ensure we cover every angle

Areas of Consulting

Contact Centre Optimisation

We can provide advice and input on the strategic direction of contact centre operations, customer experience or technology strategy including the use of automation. We assist and advise on the design of processes that support your contact centre operations, with expertise in Knowledge Management and Workforce Management. 

Customer Experience

Identifying and building a customer engagement strategy is the key to success. We help clients through customer experience frameworks and an on-demand CX lab, to support their business vision and really listen to customer conversations. Customer journey mapping then optimises the balance between digital and traditional channels.

Digital Transformation

Customer expectations are changing and we can help with the creation of a digital strategy. From designing a roadmap through to implementation and predictive management of current and future needs, we also build on Conversational AI and Robotic Process Automation. Our interactive designs are employee and customer-centric to ensure the right balance of people, technology and outcomes.

Beyond The Contact Centre

Beyond The Contact Centre

Our consulting services go beyond customer contact strategies and channel management to also include operating models and back office systems. We take a customer first approach with a focus on walking in the customer’s shoes to better understand their journey and how it’s affected by your organisation, it’s systems and processes.

This process involves eliminating friction for customers and reducing the effort required by them to complete their transaction or resolve their issue. Taking an outside-in approach to optimise processes and redesign redundant organisational structures, we view the organisation as a system that exists to deliver value to the customer. We also ensure that the right metrics are in place to track the flow and achieve the ‘first time right’ objective - meeting your customer’s needs, first time every time.

Behind the scenes, your back office processes may also benefit from automated systems that eliminate manual tasks and ensure the organisation keeps pace with customer demands.

better planning and structuring of resources to meet customer needs

Future Proofing Operations

Probe CX can assist you in analysing and understanding the data within your customer management system. This provides great insights into customer demands during both ‘business as usual’ periods and peak times. It can help identify issues early on and allows for planning and structuring of resources to meet customer needs. Crucially it also supports the design and introduction of new lower cost channels such as messaging and digital self-service capabilities, to future streamline your organisational operations. 

Our consulting team is results driven and offers solutions with practical and tangible business outcomes for your organisation.

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Let us help you improve operational performance, streamline processes and achieve optimal customer outcomes to elevate your organisation to an industry-leading standard.

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