Solutions for credit management.

PROBE is considered the ‘collections’ industry performance benchmark.

We have 40 years experience.

We offer a complete service that ranges from simple collections to a comprehensive series of mercantile services including field services.

Having every facet of the collection cycle within our control enhances the ability to maximise recovery and mitigate costs.

People are the essential difference between traditional and NEXT next generation solutions.

Unarguably people make the vital contribution to collecting outstanding debt and managing debt recovery. Success lies in the conversations and other exchanges between a customer and an agent. The words spoken, the tone, and their ability to listen and interpret, and their empathetic responses – it is here that success truly occurs.

PROBE knows about getting the right people. PROBE has years of experience in sourcing, recruiting, training, stimulating, measuring and managing people – people with characteristics that suit this unique and sensitive activity.