Business Insights and Analytics

Turning data into real action

Before delivering an unforgettable customer experience, you need an intimate understanding of your customers and the best way to achieve that is by turning data into insights.

Probe CX has an unrivalled reputation for bringing together previously siloed data and digging deep to uncover a multi-faceted view of the customer journey that reveals their needs, wants and expectations. Stockpiling data is all well and good but it is nothing without knowing how to use it to improve business processes and outcomes.

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The Why

Rather than talk about why organisations should harness data-driven business insights and analytics, it is more pertinent to consider why they would not tap into such a rich resource.

Why would they not want to use consumer data to better understand the trends, themes and causes of the customer journey? Why would they not want to automate and seamlessly integrate data from a wide array of sources to predict the next steps and better cater for them? Why would they ignore the ability to listen to and analyse customer interactions and, in turn, use such insights to create more compelling engagement? Why would they not harness the power of employee insights to identify how to get the most out of their teams?

While previous generations of executives had to rely on guesswork when developing customer experience strategies, partnering with Probe CX is a one-way ticket to better business insights, richer analytics and more profitable and efficient companies.

The What

Probe CX’s ability to deliver compelling business insights and analytics is only restricted by the breadth of your imagination. With ground-breaking technology and customised platforms, we have the capacity to access untold amounts of customer and employee data. With highly experienced and knowledgeable staff, we have the ability to turn that data into insights that can change the face of your CX offering. It’s all about leveraging information to create a better customer journey and it all begins with Probe CX.

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The Who

Probe CX has spent more than 40 years helping our partners deliver customer experiences that have a positive impact on their reputation, objectives and, most importantly, bottom lines.

With more than 18,000 team members across five countries, we have the size to make an impact on a global scale. With a proud history as a family business, we have the personal touch lacking in so many large-scale organisations. With a commitment to ‘doing it better’, we use a consultative approach to work closely with our clients to bring their data to life and their goals to reality.

Data is nothing without insight and analysis and that is where Probe CX shines.

The When

There’s no time like the present …

Let’s work together to achieve better CX