Back Office

A smarter way to deliver support services

Few executives get excited about back office support - and rightly so.

They tend to get their kicks out of what’s happening at the front of house, the customer-facing services that inspired them to launch their ventures in the first place. That’s where we’re different. The team at Probe CX love using our experience, knowledge and technology to keep your back office running smoothly. We get excited about back office support and that’s because back office support is our business.

Back Office

The Why

No one achieves business success without a great support team and that is why the best businesses have the best back office structures.

While such work may unfold far away from the eyes of customers, what happens behind the scenes is crucial to offering each of them a great experience. Poor back office practices are not only frustrating for those involved but can have a hugely detrimental impact on your business bottom line, with missed deadlines, needless errors and inefficiencies a surefire way to turn potential profits into financial losses.

Probe CX has a proud history of working with clients to develop and deploy the back office teams they need to improve productivity, reduce costs and create a better customer journey.

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The What

Probe CX creates partnerships between our people and technology to provide a seamless experience for your customers.

With more than 30 service delivery centres strategically located across five countries, we have the scale and diversity to provide the right solution for your business regardless of where it is based or how big or small it is. Our Next Generation CX also enables us to provide actionable insights to our clients, including early adopters of new technology and how their preferred channels of engagement will continue to evolve.

Our back office support services are many but include:

The How

Our contact centre capabilities are complemented by an extensive suite of solutions that encompass the best in Technology and Strategy, not to mention the option of choosing a location that works best for your needs.


The Who

Probe CX has been doing what we do for more than 40 years and in all those years we have never encountered a client that didn’t want to ‘do it better’.

We know you are striving for continuous improvement and that’s because you know your customers want better and more satisfying experiences. Hence, why we employ great people and invest in cutting-edge technology to help you achieve just that. It’s a simple case of simply doing it better.

Whether you want to lower costs through consolidation of resources, raise quality and reliability via focused management or ensure the flexibility to scale up or down, Probe CX is the answer to all your back office needs.

The When

There’s no time like the present …

Let’s work together to achieve better CX