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Is Probe Legitimate?

Some people who receive a phone call or receive correspondence from us wonder: “Is Probe Collections legitimate?” “Is Probe a scam.” This is a legitimate question to be asking in this day and age.

However, Probe is legitimate. It is an established corporation that has been operating for over 40 years.

Probe is a credit and collections specialist that is trusted by many of Australia’s leading organisations and brands to assist with managing debt recovery and customers experiencing difficulties in making payments.

If you have heard from us, it is most likely because your bank, finance, telecommunications, utility company or the Government has asked us to assist with resolving your account.

We are here to help and assist you in managing this situation.

Is Probe a Scam?

Scammers are a blight on society and people should always be wary when contacted by previously unknown companies. If your research has led you to our website, feel free to explore and learn more about our history to rest assured Probe Collections is not a scam or hoax.

If you seek further reassurance, do not hesitate to phone one of our team on 1300 1PROBE (1300 177 623) or via this contact form.