Unmatched Experience

You can have confidence in PROBE

We’ve been something of an overnight success – that’s taken more than 40 years.

Since 1979 PROBE has specialised in ‘collections’ and we’ve been a pioneer in the BPO industry.

Our success is built on a passionate commitment to personalised customer service, and by ensuring we have the best resources, technology and processes.

PROBE has expertise in providing debt management services across a rich client base performing similar services across a range of different sectors. PROBE is trusted with more than $1.4 billion under management.

In 2015 PROBE decided to expand the solutions offered to include sales, customer service and support and that led to our successful rebranding and repositioning as PROBE. The NEXT Generation BPO.



Circles are a powerful metaphor for surrounding, encircling, enclosing, embracing, encompassing and protecting; and these are words that describe a business that is dynamic, secure, integrated and engaged.

Circles imply continuity, closed loops, 360 degrees perspectives, togetherness, solidarity, and fluidity; these words describe a business that is organised, in control, responsive, open-minded, and willing.

Our teams are circles first before they are teams. They gather in circles to share vital information. They behave as closed-loops and so quality is self-regulated. In a circle no one person is above another. The circle is strong and streamlined. A circle has no jagged edges, no unequal parts.

Our operational management structure.

The operational management structure for PROBE differs in one significant way from most of our competitors; it’s inverted.


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