At the core of our culture is a commitment to helping people feel good about being at work

Our unique Passion Culture encourages each employee to believe in the value of being passionate about their job because passionate people are more likely to be engaged with, and involved in, their job; these are people that search for ideas that make continuous improvement possible.

passion matrix

Assessing Passion.

We believe that passion is both an enabler of staff engagement – and evidence of engagement.

PROBE has a unique tool that is designed to stimulate passion and a process by which passion and competency can be regularly assessed – if not measured.

Assessment scores determine an agent’s career and income potential.


make your mark

Our MYM Program recognises passion in action by rewarding agents for demonstrating achievement and engagement.

Knowledge and experience sharing


PROBE is dedicated to sharing so that all agents assigned to a client or specific project are similarly informed.

We drive the i pass on sharing ethos throughout the business with the MYM Program.

Knowledge and experience sharing is a way of life for PROBE agents.

Employer of choice

The key to ‘doing it better’ is to have the best people possible and that’s why we work at being an employer of choice.

We want to employ career-minded people rather than job seekers.

We want people who want to bring unique talents and excellence to the way they do their job.

Attracting the best available people is why we create a workplace environment that satisfies physical, emotional, financial, and intellectual needs and aspirations.

Probe People


PROBE uses all traditional channels to recruit – and we craft ads that are imaginative and persuasive; we prefer to use our internal recruitment specialists for interviewing and assessing because they understand intimately what it takes to fit into our culture.

We also use other recruiting techniques – sometimes we’re guerrillas, and sometimes hackers, and sometimes even hustlers in pursuit of finding candidates likely to fit our culture and to enhance our capabilities in helping satisfy a client’s challenges.

Passion is the one primary characteristic we look for when we recruit and promote – we need people that fit in.



We say that our induction is all about reduction in six crucial performance measures.

The PROBE induction is unique in the BPO market – we are confident that it differentiates us from any other supplier in Australia or offshore.

The program sets out the essence of the PROBE ethos and culture in a bold and arresting way; the communication is designed to appeal to the young adults that, in the majority, populate our contact centres.


PROBE has comprehensive training and coaching resources.

We are accustomed to developing unique materials, customising existing materials, and facilitating classroom training sessions.

We also use on-line training.

We have a library of over 100 internally developed training programs appropriate for use in selling, collections, and numerous other environments.

Wherever possible we try to incorporate accelerated learning principles in all the training we develop and deliver.