Thanks for checking us out. We may not be the best looking management team you’ll get to see – but we think we stand a chance of being one of the most responsive, dynamic, competent and passionate teams you’ll encounter. We know how to deliver.

Unmatched Experience. As a team we have unmatched experience when it comes to the BPO industry – and in developing cost effective and efficient solutions. It comes down to ideas which is why we say that ideas are the lifeblood of our business – ideas make it possible to deliver on our promise – ‘we’ll do it better’; no ideas – no improvement. In the ideas business experience is everything because as the biblical expression puts it ‘there’s nothing new under the sun’; it’s a simple but incisive point – all ideas to improve, simplify, and even revolutionize performance have been encountered previously. That’s why our experience matters.

 Delivering our promise. As managers we think, plan and manage to deliver our promise. But we also roll up our sleeves. Managing is about leading not controlling. It’s about being last in the cafeteria line. About showing not telling. We do as much heavy lifting, perhaps more, than we ask of our teams. And we party with our teams. And celebrate together. If you’re looking for us don’t bother going to our desks but head for the passion zone – our front line – because that’s where you’ll find us.

’Doing it better’ is about the power of individual talents combined into a team that empowers a winning business.

Andrew Hume

Chief Executive Officer

I’ve worked in leadership roles in the business process outsourcing industry for the past 20 years.

My focus is on building high performance workplaces and fast growing businesses. I’m dedicated to bringing the Probe vision to life – which is to create Australia’s most sought after and respected Customer Management BPO.

I’m also working at building a place where people want to grab a job and stay for a career; a place where inspired, passionate people bring their creative thinking, fresh ideas, and commitment to doing it better for PROBE clients.

I gained an MBA from the Melbourne Business School, I am GAICD certified and I am an Auscontact Board member.

Elisha Parks
Elisha Parks

Head of People & Culture

I’m what you’d call a ‘people person’.

I’m responsible for the safety, wellbeing, and development of PROBE people; I have a team of passionate and empathetic HR specialists.

Passionate. That’s a word you’ll hear used very frequently at PROBE.

There are a number of ‘touchstones’ we use in guiding our valued employees and in arbitrating important issues: trust; fairness; honesty; support and sharing.

I am also responsible for developing our unique Heartbeat portal that puts essential information at PROBE community fingertips; and my team keeps up a steady flow of information across our community.

In our spare time we oversee recruitment activities and facilitate all the functions of any HR department.

I have 24 years in the outsourcing industry.

Avik Choudhuri
Avik Choudhuri

Executive General Manager, Private Sector Operations

I have worked in executive roles in the contact centre industry over 16 years developing high performing teams operating across multiple geographies in pursuit of helping clients build more profitable businesses.

My focus at PROBE is working with the private sector.

I am also committed to bringing to life cutting edge technology that helps our clients identify, embrace and implement digital solutions that improve their efficiency and effectiveness.

I am committed to overcoming barriers to ‘doing it better’.

I have a Bachelors in Engineering, I am Six Sigma Master Black belt certified, trained in advanced statistics and I have a Master’s in Business Administration.


Executive General Manger

Before joining PROBE I practiced law for 5 years; I have been on the PROBE management team for 10 years.

I have worked in a variety of roles, including Business Compliance, Strategic Relationships Management, Shared Services, and as the COO; I build long lasting relationships and work closely with prospects, clients, and teams. I thrive on the energy of working with highly engaged teams that are driven towards a common purpose, which in our case, is to ‘do it better’

As one of the founding architects I am a champion of our unique Passion Culture.

I love spending time with my family and friends, AFL (Carlton), crossfit, and skiing.

I have a Bachelor in Commerce and a Bachelor in Law.


Executive General Manager, Public Sector Operations

I am an experienced hands-on leader with extensive commercial and operational expertise in the BPO industry.

I have helped Australia’s largest BPO’s restructure and right-size, win new business, grow existing accounts and develop capability through my open and honest management style.

I am passionate about building competent teams that deliver customer service excellence by developing people that think and adapt in high-pressure environments.

My role is to ensure we consistently deliver what we promised our public sector clients in a highly professional and compliant environment.

My expertise extends across the disciplines of People, Process, and Technology and the core competencies of Recruitment, Training and People Management.


Executive General Manager, Partnership Management

What an odd combination of responsibilities you may think.

But not so. Our sales and marketing narrative is centred on ‘doing it better’ – that’s our promise. And to do it better we need people who can do their job – and who want to do their job and their workplace environment and the culture in which they work is crucial.

Should we be fortunate enough to secure your business my role is to make sure we keep our promise in the way we deliver – and the way we partner.

Excuse me now – I have to roll up my sleeves and get back to the front line where ‘want to do’ people are interacting with our clients’ customers as I type.

Psst. Why don’t we chat?


Chief Financial Officer

I am focused on driving the overall finance strategy of the Group. 

This means that one of my particular interests is ensuring we provide our clients with contract costings that are competitive and yet adequate to deliver what we promise – we want to eliminate any chance that a project will fail through inadequate resourcing.

I also guide the treasury, accounting, payroll, commercial & pricing, tax, and audit functions to pursue our aggressive growth strategy and to meet our clients’ and investors’ expectations.

I have 15 years of experience working in the BPO senior leadership teams as Head of Finance.

Outside of work I love to travel, playing soccer and golf.  

I am a Certified Practising Accountant with a Bachelors of Accounting degree from La Trobe University.


Senior Legal Counsel

I am responsible for providing advice and support on PROBE legal and compliance affairs; and I lead the compliance, quality and safety team.

I have over 15 years experience working closely with clients and internal and external executive leadership teams.

I am passionate about adopting constructive solutions.

When do I get to roll up my sleeves? In drafting, negotiating and providing advice on commercial agreements and compliance frameworks – my aspiration is always to reach a win/win arrangement in which PROBE is able to help a client ‘do it better’.

My passions outside of work are spending time with family and friends, barracking for the Hawthorn football club, and enjoying the sunshine.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Law (Honours) from LaTrobe University and am admitted as a solicitor of the Victorian Supreme Court.

I am honoured to be named a finalist in the Lawyers Weekly 2019 Women in Law Awards.


General Manager, Technology Services

If we have the good fortune to work with you I will be responsible for our systems and technology, and implementing your project.

Over 15 years I’ve enjoyed leadership roles in PMO, Service Desk, Commercial & Relationship Management, Pre-Sales, and transformation projects in utilities, BFSI, E-commerce, Telecommunications, and Government.

Enabling the interaction between people and technology is a particular passion of mine; how to avoid confrontational interfaces that lead to harassed humans; how to use technology to empower people; how technology can help our clients ‘do it better’. 

I spend time at the gym, and in sporting activities, and with family and friends.

I have a Bachelor of Business degree specializing in Information Systems; I have a Diploma of Management; and I am a PRINCE 2 practitioner.