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Exceptional and responsive customer service with round-the-clock capabilities, in a sector that’s all about the customer experience.

In the travel and tourism industry, Probe CX has become partners with a number of exciting brands ranging from airlines and cruise companies to car hire and travel agencies. We have 18,000 staff and 5 countries who service 3.8 million customer interactions each year.


  • Sales
  • Customer service
  • Complaints
  • General enquiries
  • Internal enquiries
  • Reservations


  • 1Inbound and outbound voice
  • 2Email
  • 3Chat
  • 4Social media
  • 5Back office
  • 6Correspondence
  • 7Multilingual

How We Do It

  • Contact centre
  • Workflow automation and management
  • Quality and compliance framework development
  • Knowledge management
  • Training redesign
  • Delivery of transformation plan
  • Speech and text analytics
  • Tailored sales framework and incentive structure
The travel industry relies on exceptional customer service at the core of its offering and Probe CX is assisting operators to deliver on this promise. We specialise in rapid response solutions to seasonal and weather-based events and to the many challenges, and changes, that come with a global pandemic. Cancellations, reservation amendments and round the clock customer care have become important aspects of the services we offer. 
In addition, we’re also experienced in the management, processes and customer interactions involved with travel loyalty programs and travel insurance. Incentive programs and sales targets are another layer in our partnerships, and we tailor our strategies to achieve client objectives and maintain staff motivation. 

With decades of consulting experience, we’re assisting our travel industry clients to understand their customers’ journey, identify issues along the way and implement measures to ensure positive outcomes. This has also included strategies to drive customers to digital channels, to improve efficiencies and meet customer demands and expectations.


Quality ISO 9001 Certified

Individual security clearances

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