Exceptional omnichannel customer service that sets a new benchmark in the telecommunications industry.

Probe CX works with several leading telco brands in Australia and overseas, offering a range of contact centre and consultancy services. In fact, our foundation client is one of Australia’s most recognisable companies. With 18,000 staff and 5 countries, we handle millions of customer interactions every year.

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  • Contact centre
  • Knowledge management
  • Consultancy
  • Team of experts approach
  • Automation
  • Augmented agent assistance
  • Omnichannel customer service
  • Process optimisation and transformation
  • Work from anywhere
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Success in the telecommunications industry

As customer expectations change, we find ourselves working with telco providers to assist in the accelerated adoption of digital channels. Customers now seek the same high standards of service no matter which channel they choose to engage through and as a result, an omnichannel customer service approach is vital for telecommunication providers to remain competitive. We’ve also been called upon to assist in bridging the customer service gap between stores and contact centres so that once again, customers are experiencing the same standards across all facets of the business.

Our clients experience periods of high contact volumes and through a partnership approach we’ve worked together in mapping customer journeys and utilising artificially intelligent call routing solutions to manage contacts, and to deflect calls to digital channels where appropriate.

Covid-19 also presented new challenges which required an agile approach to doing business. This is an ongoing process and includes work in repatriating contact centres onshore and assisting in dealing sensitively with customers who are experiencing financial hardship and vulnerability. The telecommunications industry also experiences a high level of attrition in its workforce and requires unique and effective workforce management in an environment of short call, high volume work.

About Probe CX


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