Helping our clients deliver for their members through smarter processes, improved technology and first-rate customer service

Almost 16 million Australians are invested in the performance of the nation’s superannuation funds, just as Probe CX is committed to helping those funds shine. From the most recognised of brands to smaller funds that continually punch above their weight, our team has extensive experience in devising winning strategies and co-ordinating the support that funds need to ensure the path to retirement and beyond is a smooth one for their members.

The People Experts

With a proud reputation as a leading customer experience management organisation, Probe CX works seamlessly with clients to deliver results for their various units including helpline, administration, insurance, workforce and quality assurance. Both temporary and ongoing teams can be established at the client’s premises or within Probe CX’s existing infrastructure, while technological solutions can also be built and deployed to meet specific needs.

Scopes of Service include:
  • Maintaining substantial security and compliance regulations
  • Servicing general enquiry calls for existing members and providing general advice to resolve enquiries
  • Ensuring members’ understanding of notices
  • Explaining and calculating insurance premium changes for existing members
  • Updating and maintaining software
  • Assisting members in registering for online member account tools
  • Diagnosing and troubleshooting issues pertaining to digital registration and online access
  • Servicing contact enquiries across traditional and digital channels
  • Using business analytics to complete health checks of Workforce Management systems.

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