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Exceptional and empathetic customer service and seamless back office solutions for healthcare and insurance companies

With over 18,000 staff and 5 countries, Probe CX handles 10.5 million customer interactions on behalf of our healthcare and insurance clients. In addition to a leading Australian health insurance brand we also work with the world’s largest health and securities service which operates from over 1,000 locations in 85 countries. Other clients include government agencies in the health and aged care sectors as well as a leading American captioning provider for people with hearing impairments.

About Probe CX
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How we do it

  • Contact centre
  • Workflow automation and management
  • Quality and compliance framework development
  • Knowledge management
  • Process mapping and redesign
  • Speech and text analytics
  • Training redesign
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Success in the Healthcare and Insurance industry

In an industry that relies so much on administrative processes and account management for customers, Probe CX has been able to work in partnership with our clients to deliver efficient processes that also ensure customer satisfaction. Our service delivery is focused strongly on the customer experience, and is supported by back office solutions that work efficiently and effectively for both internal stakeholders and customers.

We also work closely with our clients to prioritise customers accordingly and ensure we meet the needs of those in emergency situations. Transactional style interactions are directed to fast and efficient resolution methods while highly trained agents are made available to work with customers through more urgent and complex problems.

Healthcare services require a different approach to many other sectors. On a daily basis, we balance between the highly administrative and compliance processes required of the industry and the need for sensitivity when dealing with potentially vulnerable members of society. And in the instance of the captioning services we provide in the US, our tailored recruitment and retention processes have been honed to meet the very specific and typically difficult to recruit skill set required of the work.

About Probe CX


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