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Banking & Finance

Exceptional customer service strategies that maximise efficiency and flexibility in an ever-changing financial landscape

Within this sector, Probe CX works with an extensive range of clients from accounting firms and financial services providers through to neobanks, fintech companies, credit unions and a number of the big banks. Our services are just as varied, and are managed by more than 18,000 staff and 5 countries. We also provide early stage collection activities for the Government and Utilities sector


  • Customer service
  • Account and transaction enquiries
  • Debit and credit cards
  • Digital services
  • Complaints and disputes
  • Field services
  • Lead referrals
  • Account management
  • B2B merchant sales
  • Loan settlements and service
  • Loan applications, assessments and verifications
  • 24/7 overflow support
  • Credit and collections
  • Digital troubleshooting


  • 1Inbound and outbound voice
  • 2Email
  • 3Chat
  • 4Back office
  • 5Correspondence
  • 6Face-to-face

How We Do It

  • Contact centre
  • Consulting
  • Workforce planning
  • Workflow automation & management
  • Quality & compliance framework development
  • Process mapping and redesign
  • Digital strategies and new contact channels
  • Focused sales channels
  • ‘Better than client’ scrutiny and remediation of compliance and quality
  • Peak volume management during campaigns and tax time
  • Cultural entwinement
The banking and finance industry has experienced some major changes in recent years brought on by a number of unique influences such as the banking royal commission, the entry of online and fintech players into the market, and the Covid-19 global pandemic. This is where our partnership approach has come to the fore. We’ve worked closely with our clients through the challenges brought on by huge spikes in contact centre volumes and new ways of dealing with customers in application processing and financial hardship support. Exceptional customer service has been the key outcome we’ve sought while balancing efficiency and a duty of care to customers.
With an early intervention approach to managing repayment impairment and delinquency, Probe CX has developed specialist strategies for our clients that include strategic roll rate management, recovery vs rehabilitation analytics and case management. We work with customers on a ‘next best action’ basis to achieve the best outcome for them while still fitting within our client’s policy.
Flexibility and scalability of contact centres has also been a key requirement for many of our clients in order to support credit and collections management, financial hardship support and customer service for debt pauses. This has included the implementation of artificially intelligent call routing solutions, designed to ensure enquiries reach the most appropriate digital or human resource. More importantly, high value complex enquiries receive the high level of personal attention they deserve. 
These strategies will continue to serve our clients well in a world where the customer experience and service has become a key competitive advantage. And our workforce planning and forecasting expertise complements the strategic and technical solutions we’re able to provide.


Quality ISO 9001 Certified

Individual police clearances

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