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Customer experience journeys that create and maintain strong relationships, and lead to brand loyalty and customer advocacy.

Working with some of the most prestigious and well-known automotive brands in the market, Probe CX manages hundreds of thousands of customer and prospective customer interactions each year. The industry has a unique need for managing complex, sensitive and high-value processes which can include vehicle buy-backs and vehicle recalls which are highly scrutinised by the ACCC. Our teams average approximately 20 members per brand contact centre in a business as usual scenario, however we have the capabilities to scale up to 18,000 staff and 5 countries during critical time-sensitive recalls.


  • Customer service and support
  • Case management and remediation
  • Welcome calls
  • Lead cycle management
  • Prospecting (new model update)
  • Concierge
  • Dealer support
  • Vehicle recalls and buy-backs


  • 1Voice
  • 2Email
  • 1SMS
  • 2Chat

How We Do It

  • Process improvement and simplification
  • Automation and digitisation of interactions for customer choice
  • Introduction of self service and new channels
  • Close local relationship with brands
  • Account management availability on call
  • Flexibility of scale to manage planned and unplanned events
  • Transparency and reporting capabilities
  • Voice of customer capture and reporting
  • Continuous improvement model
  • Lead strategy pre customer arrival at dealership
  • Management of customer experience to ensure loyalty and advocacy
  • Store-in-store approach to resolve customer issues
The key to Probe CX’s success in this sector is our understanding of brand loyalty and customer advocacy. Any introduction of automation and digitisation can only occur where it will add real value to the customer service experience and have no impact on their feelings towards the brand. 
Our approach is a true strategic partnership where contact centres are located in close proximity to our clients’ head office. This allows customer service staff to access the products, product experts and decision makers to resolve customer issues and enquiries. Covering both business and consumers markets we also assist in optimising sales through dealer networks.
Our focus in the automotive industry is to nurture the customer experience journey so as to maintain customer loyalty and advocacy. This means only introducing digital solutions where it makes sense for the customer and to ensure interaction can occur where, when and how the customer desires. Due to the fact that vehicles are generally seen as a large purchase that will only occur once every few years, maintaining that positive relationship is vital and one that we take very seriously.

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