Working across a broad range of industries, Probe Group is the trusted partner behind some of the world’s biggest brands.

Probe has over 40 years of experience to draw upon and can apply a range of solutions to any industry, and any challenge being faced by our clients. We understand the fundamental journey for customers through an organisation and can apply human and technological strategies to ensure organisational efficiency and a positive customer experience.


We manage complex, sensitive and high-value customer interactions for well-known automotive brands

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Banking & Finance

We work with accounting firms, financial services providers, neobanks, fintech, credit unions and banks.

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Customer service fulfilment and nimble strategies for local, state and federal government departments.

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Healthcare & Insurance

Empathetic customer service and seamless back office solutions.

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Retail & eCommerce

From emerging ecommerce retailers through to established brick and mortar stores.

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We have extensive experience co-ordinating the support that funds need to ensure member satisfaction.

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We work with leading telco brands in Australia & overseas, offering a range of contact centre & consultancy services.

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Transport & Logistics

Managing millions of client and end-user interactions with a practical understanding of the transport and logistics industry,

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Exceptional and responsive customer service with round-the-clock capabilities.

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From managing connections and disconnections through to billing and debt collection.

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Let us help you plan, manage and achieve your organisational objectives and elevate your organisation to a best-in-industry standard.

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