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Sanj Ahuja

Chief Financial Officer


Sanj Ahuja

As the person charged with Probe’s overall finance strategy, Sanj Ahuja has a keen interest in the wellbeing of our clients.

That’s because, with 15 years’ experience in Customer Experience senior leadership teams, Sanj knows one of the keys to a financially successful company is financially healthy customers, which is why he strives to ensure Probe’s clients receive contract costings that are not only competitive but can deliver what we promise. His mission is to eliminate any chance that a project will fail through inadequate resourcing.

As a long-term head of finance and Certified Practising Accountant, Sanj has the expertise and experience to guide Probe’s treasury, accounting, payroll, commercial and pricing, tax and audit functions, which allows us to pursue our aggressive growth strategy and meet our clients’ and investors’ expectations.

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