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Andrew Hume

As the head of Probe CX, Andrew Hume is committed to fostering an environment where inspired people use creative thinking, innovation and relentless commitment to deliver for their clients.

Having worked in leadership roles in the Customer Experience industry for more than 20 years, Andrew is a proven business growth leader and focused on bringing the Probe CX vision of creating Australia’s most sought-after and respected Customer Management BPO to life. He is passionate about building high-performance workplaces and fast-growing businesses, with proven experience across all aspects of Customer Experience, Shared and Knowledge Services, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Customer Satisfaction and Customer Retention.

Andrew is a strong believer that happy teams deliver exceptional results and that’s why he works tirelessly to build a culture that people want to be part of. He knows quality staff attract quality clients and their collective desire to do well ensures great customer experiences.

As a Board member of industry group Auscontact Association and with an MBA from the Melbourne Business School (University of Melbourne), Andrew is a respected and authoritative voice whose greatest joy is seeing his Probe colleagues deliver for their clients.

Avik Choudhuri

Avik Choudhuri is the person who drives Probe CX’s passion for using cutting-edge technology to help our clients identify, embrace and implement digital solutions that improve their efficiency and effectiveness.

Having worked in executive roles across the contact centre industry for more than 16 years, Avik has earned a reputation for developing high-performing teams that operate across multiple geographies and, most importantly, help their clients build more profitable businesses. With a focus on the private sector, he prides himself on his commitment to overcoming barriers to ‘Do It Better’, a shared purpose of all who represent Probe CX.

Avik’s resume speaks for itself, having completed a Bachelor of Engineering, training in advanced statistics, a Masters in Business Administration and Six Sigma Master Black Belt certification, the pinnacle of the renowned business management strategy program. His enthusiasm for personal growth and development is now benefiting Probe CX’s grateful client base.

Daniel Edwards

As Probe CX’s Chief Operating Officer, Daniel Edwards has the privilege of working with clients and teams to deliver success and continually strive for ways to do it even better.

For more than 20 years, Daniel has focused on creating, inspiring and enabling teams to deliver service and sales moments that customers feel great about. Having managed scaled operations onshore and offshore, both in-house and outsourced, he understands the balance between people, culture and technology, thrives in fast-paced cultures and relishes the chance to lead growth, build teams and use data to design and evolve customer strategies for success.

Daniel has worked for global brands in the travel, telco and CX sectors that saw him directly responsible for thousands of frontline staff across multiple sites and languages, with clients across government, retail, utility and energy, telecommunications, entertainment, consumer goods, banking, finance and insurance. His is a resume worthy of one of the industry’s leading experts and he is committed to facilitating ongoing success for Probe CX and our clients.

Rachel Bywater

As Probe CX’s Executive General Manager, Rachel Bywater has an unwavering passion for people that drives her desire to do all she can to help clients enhance their Customer and Employee Experience.

With more than 25 years’ experience in the outsourced BPO/BPM sector across both Australian and international markets, she has earned a reputation as an industry expert and adviser on operations process, automation and outsourcing strategy.

Whether focusing on contact centres, back office, analytics or digital transformation, nothing brings Rachel greater joy than seeing a client achieve exceptional outcomes by tapping into the powerful combination of people and technology.

She has previously held positions spanning Strategy, Vice President (Sales), General Manager, Operations Manager and Optimisation Manager, while her current role sees her responsible for Probe CX’s strategic leadership and oversight of relationships, people and operational and commercial activities.

Rohan Khanna

Rohan Khanna thrives on enabling the interaction between people and technology, which is a godsend for Probe CX’s clients as they confront an increasingly digital world.

For more than 15 years, Rohan has led teams across a variety of business areas including project management, service desk, pre-sales and commercial and relationship management, as well as overseeing transformation projects in utilities, banking, financial services, insurance, eCommerce, telecommunications and government.

That experience has led him to his current role at Probe CX where he is responsible for our systems and technology and implementing clients’ projects. He is passionate about digital transformation, helping company’s avoid confrontational interfaces that lead to harassed humans, using technology to empower people and showing clients how the right systems can help them ‘Do It Better’.

Along with a Bachelor of Business specialising in Information Systems and Diploma of Management, Rohan is a qualified practitioner of the PRINCE2 project management method, which would be no surprise for anyone who has had the pleasure of working alongside him.

Sanj Ahuja

As the person charged with Probe CX’s overall finance strategy, Sanj Ahuja has a keen interest in the wellbeing of our clients.

That’s because, with 15 years’ experience in Customer Experience senior leadership teams, Sanj knows one of the keys to a financially successful company is financially healthy customers, which is why he strives to ensure Probe CX’s clients receive contract costings that are not only competitive but can deliver what we promise. His mission is to eliminate any chance that a project will fail through inadequate resourcing.

As a long-term head of finance and Certified Practising Accountant, Sanj has the expertise and experience to guide Probe CX’s treasury, accounting, payroll, commercial and pricing, tax and audit functions, which allows us to pursue our aggressive growth strategy and meet our clients’ and investors’ expectations.

Jarrod Kagan

Jarrod Kagan is one of the founding architects of Probe CX’s unique Passion Culture and continues to live and breathe our ethos each and every day.

After practising law for five years, Jarrod joined the Probe CX executive management team and has built long-lasting relationships and worked closely with prospects, clients and colleagues. He thrives on the energy of working with highly engaged teams that are striving for a common purpose, which for Probe CX is to ‘Do It Better’.

Jarrod’s passion for Probe CX and our clients knows no bounds and, as a talented allrounder who has worked in a variety of roles, he has an intimate knowledge of the company’s various services.

From Business Compliance and Strategic Relationships Management to Shared Services and Executive General Manager, his current position as Chief Customer Officer he is the person clients and colleagues turn to for leadership, guidance and inspiration.

Elisha Parks

Being responsible for the safety, wellbeing and development of Probe CX’s people requires a special person and Elisha Parks fits the bill.

With 25 years’ experience in the outsourcing industry and backed by a team of passionate and empathetic HR specialists, Elisha uses a number of ‘touchstones’ when guiding the company’s valued employees and arbitrating issues - trust, fairness, honesty, support and sharing. Each of those themes are crucial on their own but collectively they help make Probe CX a place where people want to work.

Along with overseeing recruitment, Elisha is responsible for developing our unique Heartbeat portal that puts essential information at the Probe CX community’s fingertips, with her team working hard to keep a steady flow of such material across the company.

Derrick Clayton

Derrick Clayton is a keen advocate of Probe CX’s promise to ‘Do It Better’ and, as the executive responsible for Partnership Management, his primary focus is on ensuring the company keeps that promise in the way we deliver – and the way we partner.

With extensive experience in customer contact solutions, Derrick firmly believes that doing any job well not only requires people who can do the job but those who want to do the job and a workplace environment and culture that allows them to shine. 

With that in mind, he prides himself on bringing together the best of all those factors – people, environments, culture – to deliver the best of results for the clients and organisations we partner with.

Carlos Hernandez

As Head of Customer Delivery, Carlos Hernandez oversees operational customer delivery accountabilities for the Philippines-based component of Probe CX. 

Carlos has more than 20 years of experience as a Senior Operations Executive. His background in customer experience and delivery management includes the setup and transformation of diverse multi-site front and back-office operations across sales, CX and shared services functions across multiple markets and industries having spent time working in Europe and the Philippines.

Passionate about enabling teams to deliver high levels of customer service with a focus on engaging and supporting people in order to harness commitment and deliver outstanding customer outcomes. Carlos’ Management style is based on strong interpersonal skills with an ability to create highly effective teams with a dedication to providing outstanding CX and getting it right the first time.

Lachlan Maxwell

As Executive General Manager - Global Sales, Lachlan Maxwell leads the global sales teams across Probe CX.

Lachlan brings more than 20 years of experience within sales management and enterprise business development across the Asia Pacific region to his role. Lachlan has held senior executive positions in the BPO, telecommunications, digital media, banking, finance and technology sectors. His customer experience and digitisation capabilities are dynamic and well-respected across the industry.

Lachlan is passionate about delivering industry-leading solutions to our clients across multiple geographies.

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