Turning Customer Insight into Action

How often does your company obtain customer insights but not use them in a meaningful way? If you answered often, your business is not alone.

Implementing customer driven action requires the development of a CX ecosystem across your business – a cohesive group of processes and individuals working together toward a common customer driven goal.

The CX ecosystem below is a core facet of our recommended CX implementation methodology:


Your Customer must be placed firmly at the centre of your business, with decisioning always incorporating the impact to your customer and their expectations. Acknowledge that customer experience can be driven entirely by emotion and highly connected to their sense of self-worth and satisfaction. They want to feel good in their relationship with you.

Your Leadership must embody the customer first mentality if your business is going to successfully deliver CX. This means instilling a shared vision across the business, investment in customer-led technology and programs, and ensuring CX success is a business-wide key performance indicator.

Your People must be engaged and empowered to resolve customer issues. Invest in people capability through soft skills training programs, customer champion programs, and a culture that rewards customer driven solutions and success.

Your Insights must be plentiful and meaningful and collected regularly. Continuously ask your customers what is working and what needs improvement and ensure that this feedback is acted upon.

Your Processes need constant review and optimisation. Seek to simplify the number of touchpoints at every stage of your customer’s journey and remove the barriers so often created through system and people capability limitations.

Your Systems must support your customer in an integrated and insightful way. How can legacy systems be converted to Customer Relationship Management systems that enable your business to personalise, segment and service in a meaningful way? Don’t be afraid to look at new and innovative technologies as a way to engage and interact with your customers.

The above may appear daunting but it is important to review what you have and how it can be pivoted (yes the latest buzzword) to drive better outcomes. Build on what you have and close the most obvious gaps first.

To help you on that journey, in our next blog, we will share with you our CX implementation methodology incorporating 3 phases starting with gathering customer insights right through to successfully embedding a CX led culture throughout your business.