Putting it all together


We provide outsourced sales, service and help desk contact centres; we offer a complete end-to-end credit management and collections solution; and we undertake simple and complex processes.

Like most businesses we try to make it easy for prospective customers to buy our services and so we package them.

field services
shared services
knowledge services

Click the ‘SOLUTIONS’ tab to discover a brief and broad introduction to each of our four solutions.

Each of these solutions comprise numerous components most of which can be assembled in many ways to solve specific challenges.

How we are different

Think Different.

  • Ask us about NEXT to understand how we are different and why that works for our clients.

Look Different.

  • This site proves our point – we do look different.
  • And our welcome walls show we are different – why not accept our invitation to see for yourself and discover why so many more businesses are choosing PROBE.
  • The way we illustrate key elements of our solutions is different – our unique entwinement chart is a perfect example and we could prepare one for your business and demonstrate why a partnership between our businesses would help give you a powerful competitive edge.

Sound Different. 

  • We treat people like human beings – not like an annoyance or a disruption to our day.
  • We build rapport to protect your brand.
  • We try always to understand the other’s point of view because that always leads to a better outcome.

Behave Different.

  • Our unique Passion Culture causes us to behave differently.
  • Our focus on ideas enables us to behave differently.
  • Our unique i Pass On ethos means we all behave differently – in the same way.
  • Our PROBE MO delivers different. And better.

In fact the only place we’re not different is offshore – that’s why we say that PROBE is PROBE, wherever.

Were different

PROBE Organisation

We have comprehensive techniques, and procedures to deliver the essential outcomes your organisation needs. Our management team has the experience necessary to measure, manage and lead. We have an unshakable commitment to governance.


The PROBE MO is our unique way of doing things.

Organising PROBE people.

We use the circle in many ways to drive, describe, motivate and manage our business.

Our operational management structure.

The operational management structure for PROBE differs in one significant way from most of our competitors; it’s inverted.

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Our ethos. Our mindset. We’re lean and keen.

We deliver from onshore in Australia, near shore in New Zealand and offshore in the Philippines. We can embed our operations in your premises.  We facilitate both human and automated conversations using AI powered bots and natural language speech recognition. We synergise with our clients for greater partnership potency; we use ideas to power improvements for our clients; our unique Passion Culture empowers our people; we know how to balance productivity, quality and cost.

We’re about:

  • putting human intelligence first.
  • simplifying rather than complicating.
  • deploying the power of technological magic.
  • delivering better outcomes – rather than more outcomes – for each dollar we invoice our clients.

Our promise?

We’ll do it better.

And we’ll keep doing it better.

PROBE is dedicated to operating within a sustainable commercial model for our benefit, and for the benefits or our clients and their customers.

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PROBE Technology

Our technology makes it easy for your organisation, and your customers to connect using existing channels; cloud-based technology allows us to add new channels as they are conceived; we automate conversations and deploy AI when appropriate.

It’s true that you won’t find many technological specs on this site.

We can sum up our technology in a few words – we bring to the table the best technology we find – from anywhere.

And your technological wizards know what that means.

But the technology we have or acquire isn’t really the point – it’s what we can do with it that matters – and that’s not about bits and bytes, or about connections, or code – it’s about inventive technologists.

It’s about creative people and an inspirational environment.

PROBE PassionCulture

We have a ‘can do’ and ‘want to do’ high productivity culture. Our culture is our secret weapon.

Well, perhaps it’s not a secret because we never stop talking about it.

probe passion culture
probe people

PROBE People

We recruit, train and manage people ideally suited to satisfy the needs of our clients and their customers.

We’re proud of our people.

very proud and so you might be forgiven for wondering why we have so few pictures of them on this site.

What we’re proud of is their passion; their spirit; their engagement; and their determination to do it better; these can’t really be captured in pictures.

And finally we’re proud of their determination to break through and go beyond.

Purpose people passion